Case Studies

Lessons in Palliative Care from Pallium India

Pallium India is a community-based organisation founded by Dr Rajagopal in 2003 to develop palliative care services throughout India. It has many applicable innovations to UK practice.

Admission of the Severe Acutely Mentally Ill To Open Medical Wards of General Hospitals

Admissions of the acutely mentally ill to open wards of general medical hospitals have had a profound impact on the assimilation of psychiatry into general medical practice.

The Role of the Mental Health Officer in Jamaica

Mental Health Officers have served as the ‘glue’ holding together all the elements of community mental health integration in Jamaica over 50 years

Integration of Psychiatry into the Jamaican Public Health Service

Psychiatry’s traditional geographic separation from medicine has been significantly challenged by the integration of culturally appropriate affordable mental health care into Jamaica’s public health system, accessible to the entire population.

Gradual Deinstitutionalization Of The Jamaican Mental Hospital

Independence from British colonialism catalyzed the gradual deinstitutionalization process of the century old custodial Lunatic Asylum leading to an 80% gradual decline in the resident population over 5 decades.